My Gratitude Journal App Reviews

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Simple & Easy to Use

I like how the app is very easy to use and has a simple design.

I enjoy this.

FaceID? Hopefully that is happening soon!

Perfect App with great dev support!

I absolutely love the Gratitude app! I began using it in September, the day before my father passed on to heaven. It has helped me tremendously. The developer is so great with updates & is super involved with her app and really tries to fix any issue. I am just a regular person who appreciates the level of attention that this dev invests! Thank you for a beautiful app!


It’s like you have a buddy with you at all times. And it’s nonjudgemental! You can write anything, but the gist of the app is, it pushes you to think of what should you be grateful all the time. I love the PDF part. I feel like I wrote a book!!

Exactly what I wanted!

I’ve been wanting to use a gratitude app for a long time, but could never find one that had a format that I was looking for. Until I found this yesterday! Entry is so easy, format is simple and minimal and gorgeous, everything is perfect.

Disappointed lost all

I had this app since 2010 and it was a lifesaver being grateful during some hard times. It was comforting for me to review old posts. With new versions I lost everything trying to download and transfer. Really really disappointed.

Neat but needs work

Some issues/request: 1. Passcode isn’t working at all. Passcode should lock the app as soon as I leave the app, also should have touch id option. 2. Photos menu on top of keyboard feels obnoxious and intrusive, please add an option to hide it. 3. When choosing an emoji for the entry for the day, it should show the emoji next to the entry. 4. Dark mode please! 5. The option for the app to remember list mode chosen by user, and the option to have no list mode so I can write however much I want without the app spacing as a list.

Used the original app & paid for this one

One of the main reasons I got this app (paying) was the emojis. They can only be used when a photo is used. I contacted the developer a couple of times & was assured she was working on it. Then I was told I probably didn’t realize she was a single Mom. I’m not sure how not following thru on a promise is related ? Now an update to emojis BUT not w/out a photo. Guess she’s busy on one of her many spams about her other projects. Real bummer as I was an early adapter! Thank You for your canned response once again so which is it are you "working on it" or are you blowing it off I was unaware I was purchasing into a voting for product situation! I very sorry about miss quoting you “I'm working on it! Perhaps you're unaware that I'm a full time mom doing this in my "spare" time... :)” You were the one bringing your personal life into it! I Still patiently waiting for what you advertised while being spammed about how you want reviews and how you will teach others to make apps and with all your other pet projects


The app is perfect for my needs, I am very happy with it.


This app helps me focus on gratitude daily!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😊

Sweet little app

I love this little app I’ve had it for a million years, I don’t use it often but when I do I love it! It reminds me to be grateful : )

Great way to begin a day.

Beginning your day with gratitude is a valuable practice. This app makes that practice easy and fun. What we focus on expands, and this app helps put your focus on all that is good.


This is a great app. Like anything, it’s what you make of it, but it definitely gives you the tools you need to make gratitude a habit.

Always loved it

I loved the old app and when it changed over it took a day to get used to and it’s so much better. Really helps keep me thinking positively. Bonus you can upload a picture of what you are grateful for for multi line list too.

Simple to use

I like the simplicity of the app. It’s easy to take a few minutes to record my gratitude entries each day.

Great app. to create the great habit of Gratitude!

I've been using this app. for a few years now. I start my day with it and it never fails to get me off on the right track. I highly recommend you give it a try. You won't be disappointed. If you haven't developed the habit of starting your day with gratitude for all the blessings you have in life, you're missing out. The other side benefit is that it opens the door for more blessings to come in. Don't believe me? Test it oout for 30 days and prove it to yourself.

Great App.

Love it. Been using it for years.

Love it!

This app reminds me every single day that I’ve got it made. Smile on face🤩🤩🤩

Nice app!

Everyone should take the time to reflect on things to be thankful for. Thank you for the app.

Great App

I love it!

Grateful for this app

I just scrolled through my postings and was reminded of the things I’m grateful for. This app is a nice way to to do that. I like that I can post pics. I do that a lot. Thanks for this app!

Gratitude App Carla White

I switched from the old app to the updated one with no difficulty. I had been using the old one for a couple of years. This app keeps me focused every day on the happenings in life that keep me grateful for my daily experiences. I usually include a picture and have had no storage issues. Do it—-express your gratitude. Connect to the Law of Attraction. Have a glorious life. This is a piece of the plan.

Loved the original

The new app may finally be ok, but the unacceptable 2-3 years it took between decommissioning the old app and usability of this one broke my patience. I also don’t appreciate the spam emails from the developer about her side projects. I now use “Thankful”, which is plain and simple and works every time. I volunteer 40 cents per month to them just because I’m so disappointed in this app.


The Gratitude app reminds me to center myself and to be thankful for everything in my life as I have attracted all of it. This app is a conduit for recording and expressing my thoughts, feelings, & avenues of gratitude that I used to overlook when looking for ways to be grounded in the moment. Thank you, Carla, for creating it!

The start of wellness

I am in long term recovery and work with those trying to sort through challenges. I always try to thoughtfully reinforce training of awareness and gratitude. It truly changes your thoughts.

Great Attitude Changer!

I really like this app. When I’m down and then have to write something, it takes my attitude in a different direction. It’s helped a lot. Thank you for making it!

Starting my day off right!

I love this app! It has totally rewired my brain to start every day on a positive note. To be thankful for the wonderful things that occurred the day before or that I’m looking forward to that day. It’s not as hard as it sounds. It’s fun to look for the little things to be grateful for. It only takes five minutes and totally worth the changes it makes in your attitude.


I’ve used both of the apps and they are awesome!! Thank you for creating this!

I love this app

I write in it everyday. It’s easy to use and makes me remember all the good things that happened during the day.


It’s cool helps me calm down and reflect

Helpful and Easy!

This app makes it easy to journal and document the moments of your life and to reflect on what has meaning for you. Being able to add in pictures makes it truly amazing! I have found this to be a helpful and easy way to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Doing so will lift your spirits and change your life! Thank you for developing and releasing this life changing tool!


Great new updates

Super App

Love being grateful for all my amazing blessings and this app helps me to easily do so daily. Thanks

Great App

Great App

Tiny cutie and useful app

I have been using this app for over two months now it is simple and easy to just jot down few things you are grateful for. One thing I like with the app is it’s simplicity you don’t have any excuse to procrastinate , just fire it up at the end of your day list your 5 things that you are grateful for and boom you are good to go. The app also gives a good treat in form of some refreshing quotes. Honestly I would say slowly but surely this app is helping me build the attitude of gratitude which is the key ingredient for a happy life!


I love how easy it is to use this app to quickly get some gratitude time each day

Love it!

It’s so easy to use and it helps to keep me in the right frame of mind. Thank you 😊

I am grateful for this app!

I seriously love this app. I used the original version with my kids when we were waiting for the school bus in the mornings. Now we talk about what we are grateful for each night. It’s so helpful to turn off a negative mindset and create an “attitude of gratitude.” I recently decided to turn on the “reminders” as I would fall out of the habit for periods of time. The Pop-up reminders are sweet and funny, and I actually enjoy seeing them! I also appreciate that all my old entries were saved and moved over to this app, and the photo quality here is much better! I highly recommend this app, especially if you want to make a regular gratitude practice. Thanks Carla!


I was apprehensive at first and was concern about updating with this new app, especially after I read someone else’s experience of not being able to merge their old journal to the new one. But....fortunately everything turned out fine and all of my previous notes merged! I’m a real person and not someone who works for this company. Thank you for creating this app. 💖💖💖💖💖

I Tried -But Disappointing

I was a longtime user of the original Gratitude app and switched over to this one since the old one was being discontinued. After following the instructions to port over my several-years worth of entries, it did not work and I lost everything (they said they were deleted all the old stuff as if Dec 2017). I’ve tried to make entries into the current app. Even though I receive emails from the developer to my email address, when I use the forgot my password prompt, I receive a link to resent my pw but it says it does not recognize me. When I try to login through Facebook it says I logged on from there orecioslyand would I like to try again—to no avail as it still does not recognize my credentials. I repeatedly receive the “Oops something went wrong. Sorry something went wrong please try again”. But there is no where to go for additional help. I wanted to love this app as I did the original and I do feel the developer is making her best effort but there are too many hoops to jump through and it is not seamless and simple as it should be. After many failed attempts at getting this to work I am moving to another app.

Changed my life

This app is so wonderful. For the last 2 months I have listed 3 things I am grateful for every day (only missed it 2 times). I have been really working hard on becoming a more positive person and radiate gratitude in all areas of my life. This app is so well designed and helps me stay accountable by reminding me every morning to be grateful. It’s truly reworded my brain. I strongly urge everyone to do this in their daily life. ✌🏽stay positive and radiate gratitude; it will change your life.

Almost 5 stars

This app is really helping me find gratitude in many things. The only problem I’m having is I can’t log on when offline. I live in NYC & find myself wanting to use the app on the Subway underground. Can’t do it. Otherwise I’m enjoying it.

It’s cute but inefficient - function is poor

I’d like to tell you I’m grateful for this app, but that would conflict with my other app that I downloaded that gives me daily prompts to be honest. It does not function as it promises, cannot even get my preferences to “save” such as the reminders to remind me to log in in order to keep my commitment to be grateful.

Love it!

Your mind goes in the direction of your predominant thoughts. This is a simple, user friendly app that gets your mind pointed in the right direction. Awesome app!

Great App. Stopped Working

Been a few weeks and will not open. Stays at launch screen. I use this all the time and refer to all my clients. Wish it works soon.

Update Please

I’ve loved this app and the features. However, since trying to update it, it keeps crashing and won’t let you enter your log in as the keyboard keeps staying up. I’ve had to change to a different app until the developer updates this.

App doesn’t work

Downloaded and re-downloaded. App freezes and won’t even let you sign in. Leaves the keyboard up and won’t move forward. Disappointed and want $ back.

Please fix it!

I really like de app, but guys: when I’m writing the app and use «intro» key, the app duplicates the content that a write before! It’s horrible! I lost a lot of time deleting the text duplicate and writing. And sometimes, the app just die.

Too many bugs

There’s too many bugs making this impossible to use. I had the first gratitude app and it was wonderful! I’m hoping that they fix the issues and that this app will be wonderful too. But until then, it will remain unused.

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